Check out my recorded classes catalogue

Check out my recorded classes catalogue!

The meaning of Zenjo

Zenjo means: Perfect concentration. Meditation. Little by little. Gradually. Slowly.

The funny thing is that I did actually come up with the name Zenjo as a bit of fun by combining Zentangle and my name, Jo, but thought that I had better check its meaning. It must be serendipity or fate but Zenjo perfectly describes the Zentangle® Method.

Buddhists found in Mount Fuji an inspiring symbol of meditation and called its summit Zenjo, a Buddhist term describing a perfect meditative state.

About Jo

I have a unique and experienced career background having been a Registered Nurse specialising in Emergency Care as well as working in other health care settings. I career changed and was police a officer for 16 years, dealing with many distressing and traumatic situations.

Upon leaving the police I combined the skills and knowledge gained from both careers and became a trainer for the National Health Service teaching healthcare workers communication skills.

From 2014 to early in 2019 I set up and ran a successful large country house holiday rental business for an absent owner.

Since March 2017 I have been actively teaching Zentangle to groups of adults and children.

I have an experienced understanding of people, their lives and the impact of stress on health and wellbeing.

I have had my own challenges with extreme stress from both personal and work related situations and can honestly say that Zentangle has given me a mindfully creative release tool that I can access at anytime, anywhere.

I am passionate about the hugely positive benefits that Zentangle can bring to others.

I live in beautiful mid Wales, UK ….. but the world is a small place so do contact me to discuss your Zentangle learning and journey.

In 2016 I was working 24/7 and had reached the bottom of the ‘exhaustion funnel’. My mental, emotional and physical health was suffering. I had put aside everything that was beneficial for me. I discovered Zentangle by accident and from the moment I created my first tile I knew how important Zentangle could be for others. I find that Zentangle gives me the moments of quiet that I need when my mind is busy and allows me to focus and relax. It has undoubtedly had an enormously positive impact on my own health and well-being.
What next?

Throughout this journey, I have continued to offer a range of online classes, catering to beginners and advanced learners. I have also taught in-person workshops in the UK.

Looking to the future, Zenjo Events are already planning the next Zenjo Retreat USA 2024 in Washington DC.

I am developing Zenjo Video Courses and workshops, aiming to create an extensive library of recorded classes (beginner to advanced) accessible to individuals worldwide.

Zenjo Classes at a Click!

Join me on this artistic journey as we explore the beauty and mindfulness of Zentangle together.



Jo is an excellent teacher, she is patient, approachable, and knowledgeable. She makes sure everyone feels comfortable. I’m so pleased to have found her class on gems, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Susan, Florida


Zenjo Zentangle was my first online class ever and I am glad I attended! Jo is an amazing instructor and the class is relaxing and so much fun! I can’t wait for the next online class series!

Stephanie, Washington


I am glad that today I can walk away  with a skill that will not only push me creatively but will actually act as an art therapy for me now and help with stress and anxiety. I loved it!! Thank you so much Jo.

Millie, Wales

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